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It’s Saturday night and I am sitting at my desk and undivided finishing work. I’d as soon sent a message to his boss, so I could still read some really racy gay erotic story. My boss is a really tough guy. He has no problem with the fact that I’m gay. We have a total of excellent working relationship, including long and unbound talks about my sexual orientation. I know that he can say anything about myself, and I know that it never turn against me. Jimi, so my boss called, is quite handsome, tall man with short brown hair and chiseled with a boyish face.

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His body after the regular workout recently received perfect shapes. It has a very broad muscular shoulders and arms. Sometimes I can not resist the tempting idea – to test the hardness of the muscles of the chest and abdomen, which is sharp under his work shirt and tie. I glanced once in the shower he saw his leg and I was surprised by how sharply beginning to take shape his muscles in the buttocks, thighs and calves. I’ve seen him naked short but always excites me the memory of his hard ass with deeply sunken, craggy buttocks. Every day I look forward to come in their elastic pants.

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What struck me, however, each day brings almost to madness is a huge bulge in his pants crotch. Stretch pants blatantly show the exact contours and dimensions not only his huge penis, but also whenever the slightest movement has to look tough bag with large balls. Often just barely getting over taste grasped and squeeze the bulge in his pants, push his dick and then violently rip his pants from waist to ankle. I am always the idea maddening and my penis had emergency. When these delicious ideas of my work ran nicely from his hand until he came over to me mail to my computer.

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It was odd to me that my mail comes from within, because we were the only two in the building. I almost choked when I discovered that my boss read the latest erotic story which I had accidentally while ago sent mail messages instead of selling. His austere style official informed me that when he read that story, his penis hardon. At the end of the letter ascribed to note that real sex is irreplaceable, but also that a good story can stand everybody. I told him that I stood up, and if he wants, I will send him another sexy story that I have.

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His answer was succinct – yes send me all the stories that you have, but now you could come down to my office so we can talk about a new project in which we work. I quickly sent two really crafted stories, and I ran like lightning to the eighth floor, where he found his office. I opened and I went into his office and started babbling about our work plans in the coming weeks. He rose from his desk, walked dangerously close around me and closed the door. He returned to the table and before he sat down with his left hand adjusted his pants at the crotch, which clearly showed his erect decoration.

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I had the image of a meter and a half away from her face and I started to sweat all over the body. So I quickly got up, picked up the blind and opened the window. I had to calm down, so I took a deep breath and started talking about the beautiful view of the city. Jimi again rose from the table and stood right behind me. I felt his penis and balls on the left half of your ass. Although I now once gushed his load, I could not prevent my roller shot into the window sill until it hurt, and I hissed flinched. Everything was clear and Jimi excuse for a better view of the city when the lights go out in the office was unnecessary.

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The panting I pushed the window and anxiously waited again closer to my back partiĆ­m. I felt his breath on her neck and I was not at that moment, speechless. I pushed his erect penis on a windowsill and experiencing more and more pain. Every second I accelerated breath was not surprising that I screamed out loud when Jim ran his bulge, hard as a stone into my buttocks and bit me in the neck. His hands tightly caught the sill and his arms were strong enough to make us both as press pressed against the wall of the office. The pressure crushed the head of my dick on the wall and the pain became unbearable, so I have all the strength of his arms pushed both our body from the window.

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